How to Know & Share Your Testimony by Allen Atzbi

Sharing the story of how God drew you to Himself is a wonderful way to honor God, encourage other believers, and reach out to the unsaved. Some people think their story isn’t significant because they weren’t a serial killer who saw a vision of angels, but that’s simply not true. Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic to be powerful. Remember your testimony isn’t about you; it’s about God. It’s the story of how Jesus came in and rescued you.

If you were raised in church and have loved Jesus for as long as you can remember, fantastic. That is an amazing testimony! Don’t knock it; be grateful for it. Perhaps you don’t know the specific day, that’s more than fine too (I can’t remember the exact moment I was born the first time, or the second, but I can assure you both happened).

Paul thought sharing his story was so important that we hear him tell it three times in the book of Acts. You’ll notice that every time Paul shared his testimony, he also, very intentionally, shared the gospel, and so should we.

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